The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy

The Slinky is a classic metal spring toy that has been loved by generations of children and adults for over 75 years. It was first invented by mechanical engineer Richard James in 1943 during an experiment with tension coils. James accidentally dropped a spring on the floor and watched as it began to “walk.” Two years later, he introduced his walking spring toy in Gimbels Department Store during Christmas, and the Slinky immediately sold out. Since then, over 300 million Slinkys have been sold worldwide. The Slinky walks downstairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slink-ity sound. It’s ideal for presents, party favors, Easter baskets, grab bags, prizes, and stocking stuffers, and is fun for both girls and boys. Ages 5+

Important information

Safety Information

May contain small pieces.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

3 x 3 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight

6.1 ounces

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10 reviews for The Original Metal Slinky Walking Spring Toy

  1. 19angel52

    Unusual use of this slinky toy…..Saw a cute video on YouTube about keeping squirrels off a tall shepherds hook where a bird feeder hung. Didn’t want to pay $$$$ for a slinky just in case it didn’t work on our bird feeder setup. Got it at a good price…and it works! Have seen one squirrel trying to climb up the pole only to slide down….which is pretty funny. However….I’m sure that most aren’t going to buy this slinky for this purpose…but I’m happy with it anyway.

  2. Donna K

    A classicI bought one of these for all my grandkids. It’s fun for all ages. Even the adults wanted a turn. So many creative uses. My two year old granddaughter stretches it and says big. Then she collapses it and says small. Same with long and short. Who knew a slinky could teach concepts like size. My three year old grandson uses it as a tunnel for his little cars. I love open ended toys.

  3. Steven W. Roberts

    Keeps the squirrels off the suet cakesI didn’t think this would work putting slinky on the metal pole that has our suet cakes would keep the squirrels off, but it’s done a better job than expected. Maybe our squirrels aren’t that smart, or maybe they found other food sources, but so far it works.

  4. Julie

    It walks down stairs, alone or in pairs…I hope I’m not the only one singing this old jingle. This is your basic Slinky that my son requested after he turned a cheap dollar store into a mangled mess. Same quality I remember from when I was a kid. I’m sure he’ll destroy this one in no time too, but at least it’s lasted longer than 2 hours like the last one.

  5. Matthew

    It’s a slinky…..What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing. Everyone knows it’s slinky. Every household in the world should own a slinky and this company really delivered. Highly recommend.

  6. Laurie Holcomb

    Just like I remembered!Exactly as I remembered, it took 2 minutes and 13 seconds to get a bend and get tossed into a drawer.

  7. Tom

    Seems shorter than Slinkys used to be.So short it won’t go down more than two steps unless they’re extremely shallow.

  8. Marissa M

    Classic toyLove that it’s still metal! Classic toy and I enjoy it as much, if not more, than my toddler!

  9. Cassie Wands

    OG SlinkThis was a gift for my 7yr old nephew. I mean it’s a slinky, you don’t get much excitement out of kids these days with regular toys…but I’m sure his father will break it open and play all day, so at least it will get some fun use out of it. But it’s a slinky and does what its supposed to so… 5/5

  10. Lizzy B

    Fun traditional toyGood quality traditional toy. Who doesn’t need a slinky?

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