Pokémon Trading Card Game: Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet

Introducing Tera Pokémon ex!
Meet first partners Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly!
Over 190 cards!

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5 x 5.5 x 3 inches

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1.8 pounds

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10 reviews for 36-Pack Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet Booster Display Box

  1. Korrosive

    Such a good deal, I bought two of them!Value wise, this is a good way to go. Got my order for around $111 from Diversitoy. Puts each booster at $3 and change. Yes! I can do that.I pre-ordered the first box, so it came out a few days after the official launch. I was not at all sad though. I had a lot of rare and ultra rare hits from that initial box. Sadly I did not take a picture of those. I was lacking some key cards for building decks with this new gen so I ordered another. It was decent. Got some cards I didn’t get in the first 36 but also didn’t get much of the ways what I wanted. Booster boxes just isn’t the way to get a solid and consistent amount of Support cards. And instead my collection is swamped with Flabebe. I should have stuck to 1 purchase and not tested my luck with another.These are unopened, sealed booster box shipped & sold from Diversitoy. If you feel you gotta buy from the 3rd party vendors… you’re in for some pain from the looks of other reviewers. Those guys rip you off.

  2. WildWulfus

    100% Authentic CardsThe cards here were still in their factory seal, and they were each authentic and officially licensed by The Pokémon Company This booster box is definitely a great buy, and as a collector myself I was very pleased with the condition it arrived in.Since there is a greater amount of Pokémon cards in this box than almost any other official Pokémon product in production, this is the best chance for anyone to get those coveted rare cards. I happened to pull 5+ secret rares from my box, and my three favorites are shown in the photo.This box is great for collectors and deck-builders alike, as one can quite easily obtain cards to put together a legal, playable deck.The Pokémon Company has also recently raised the price per pack for this generation of cards (due to inflation), so buying them in bulk is actually the cheapest you can get them. However, each pack now contains two holo-reverse cards, with the possibility of a rare card being in one of those spots, in addition to the rare card’s spot in each pack. In short, there is now a double chance to get some pretty good secret rares or regular rare cards. In one of my packs in the box I purchased I actually got both a rare illustration card and a new ex card.To sum up, this product is one that I would highly recommend to any Pokémon card enthusiast, as there are plenty of cool cards in this set and plenty of opportunities to find them!

  3. Tiffini

    Legit with nice pull ratesI was a bit worried about authenticity since this box was the cheapest I’d seen, but this booster box is legit. Got some really nice pulls from my first box; pic attached shows all the hits. I tried to collect Pokemon cards as a kid, but never got many hits. This was my first time dipping my toes into Pokemon cards since then so I was super excited to get so much from a booster box of this set. Definitely worth it if you enjoy opening packs and seeing hits. Saw the price drop a few bucks so I decided to purchase a second time to help complete my master set.

  4. EggWarDough

    Good purchaseI bought these with the idea that it would end up as what other reviews have stated. I was proven wrong, my product arrived faster than expected, not damaged, no tears, i haven’t open them just yet but by judging it from the outside the packs seem to be in good condition.I would recommend buying them and I would buy them again.

  5. channing

    Worth the buyThis was my first ever booster box that I purchased so I was pretty excited to open it! I’m a 90s baby so I’ve been watching and collecting cards since it all started. I definitely would recommend buy this pack from this seller, you won’t be let down! I pulled all great cards but these four were the golden finds in my opinion!! Honestly might buy another box

  6. Paul P Paschal

    Overall was a good experience!The only disappointment was we had 35 booster packs and not 36. We were just glad that this pack was actually factory sealed. Our last box of 36 were all unsealed and tapered with and we came away with zero “ex” cards. This pack we pulled two “ex” cards in the first 12 packs.

  7. David

    100% Authentic with working code cardsOnly problem is becareful when you buy a used condition product. Every single pack was opened from the bottom cards were sorted all Ex cards were taken and replaced back into the booster packs and returned to amazon. The amazon employees just marked it as good condition and resold it without checking the card counts in each booster. Just make sure they new packs and they are great about 3.50 dollars a booster pack is a steal.

  8. Ken

    Great conditionSo far I’ve ordered 3 of these boxes from 3 different sellers and this on by far has shown up in the best condition and showed up in a box. This booster box showed up in pristine condition which is perfect if you are a sealed collector. 10/10 would buy from again.

  9. James Cunningham

    A lot of fun to open!This newest English set introduces silver borders after more the 25 years of yellow border cards. So, right off the bat, these look interesting and new. The rare alternate art cards are beautiful. The pack order is totally different now too, so when you open a pack you will first see 4 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 reverse foil, and then 2 foil rares or better. You are guaranteed a holo card in every pack so you never feel too let down about what you pull. Even if you do, this box is 36 packs! Just rip another! GO NUTS!!!So yeah, buy em in bulk when you can and save. Would recommend.

  10. Manuel Escobar

    Real factory sealedCompré con un poco de miedo por el precio, sin embargo es 100% real y original, sellado de fabrica. estos fueron los pulls que pude obtener. Además de un montón de pokémon comunes y cartas de entrenador para hacer decks, valió la pena!

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