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Crafted from natural wood and polished to a smooth finish, these blocks are safe for children to use with no rough edges or burrs.


This wooden block set with 36 pieces provides children with even more creative play possibilities.

They can stack the blocks, working to keep their balance as they go, as well as creating new and exciting patterns.
In addition to being a great toy for kids, this set can also be used as a stylish decoration for the home, nursery, or office.



We strive to inspire exploration and boost creativity with our selection of toys, encouraging parent-child interactions and fostering a lifelong love of learning. Our selection of classic wooden toys, creative crafts and educational products has been carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and safety standards — because we believe that all children should be able to experience the joy of childhood.



  • Please take into consideration that the actual items may vary in color from the pictures you see due to lighting effects, brightness/contrast settings, etc.


Kids will have an exhilarating experience as they explore colors, hone their hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills and boost their creativity and problem-solving skills with this awesome set of blocks. Plus, they can build their social skills by having fun with friends and family!


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11.2 x 5.3 x 1.96 inches

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1.37 pounds


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10 reviews for 36 Pieces Wooden Stacking Rocks Balancing Stones

  1. Sharon Daniels

    Calming food kidsMy nephew was crying because he was as not familiar with the area. I have this to himAnd he stopped crying. I triedIt withOther kids and it was the same. They loved it. I allowed the smaller kids to play with the larger ones

  2. Bree Kok

    Great for all agesI got these for a birthday present for a friends grandson. He loves them. Wants to take them everywhere. His little brother can even play with them without fear of hurting himself

  3. Mille H

    Fun stacking blocksThese work well as stacking blocks. We like to take turns placing one down in a tower and whoever knocks the tower down while placing loses. I got these so my son would stop getting the rocks from our plants. It sort of worked! But then he started to put these wooden “rocks” into the plants ???? still fun to play with. No funky smells or anything weird.I do wish companies selling out of their country would hire people to proofread in the language in which they’re printing their products, though. Company: Hit me up if you’d like a proofreader!Overall, would buy again 🙂

  4. LisaWJ

    Nicely packed, fun for kids and adultsThere are so many similar sets that I had trouble choosing, but this was a good choice for colors, shapes and overall value. They come in a cute box, and we used them for an ocean-themed party with kindergarteners. I think the grown-ups liked them as much as the kids. I would definitely put these out as table or desk decor during a party or meeting so adults have something better to do with their hands than check their phones. The colors don’t look too childish, and making color combinations makes them more interesting than the plain wood sets.

  5. Brenda Coats

    Great for my GrandsonMy grandson really enjoys playing with dump trucks so these came in handy for him and they are very easy to clean up and put away when he goes home.

  6. Patricia Cox

    Smaller than expected by niceThey are smaller than I thought but they are still nice.

  7. Jessica Bone

    Two blocks chipped already when opened packageTwo blocks chipped already when opened package brand new.Still able to play with them. No rough spots though.

  8. judy wyckoff

    Little hands can hold and manipulateThese were requested by my grandaughter for her twins for their first birthday. She is very particular about what they play with for safety as well as encouragement for development. She also has a 2 year old turning 3 in June and has done very well in choices for him as well.

  9. Miranda Joynt

    Great for classroom!The kids in my classroom love stacking these and seeing how tall they can get them before they fall over. I ordered 2 boxes. I got 2 boxes that were both different sizes. So I have 2 sets that are not the same size. The information on the box is exactly the same so I’m not sure what happened. I would have preferred to have 2 boxes with the stones the same.

  10. Liz123456

    PerfectLike the sturdiness and durability

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