Flower and Herb Gardening Kit for Kids

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This gardening kit is a great way for kids to have fun while decorating their pots and planting cosmos, nasturtium, and basil seeds. The peat pellets make it easy to grow an herb and flower garden, and they can use the 15 stickers and 6 paints to make their garden look beautiful!

Be creative and cultivate your very own floral haven! Plant your favorite flowers and herbs and give your outdoor space a unique style!

This Kids Flower & Herb Garden kit makes it easy for kids to get creative with planting and decorating, and watch their garden grow with cosmos and nasturtium flowers, plus basil! Introducing kids to gardening is a great way to show them the fun and excitement of watching their own herb and flower garden bloom.

This gardening kit offers an awesome opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty and explore the science of plants! Each kit contains 3 metal steel planting pots, a garden shovel, 3 peat pellets, 3 wooden garden labels, and seeds for cosmos, nasturtium, and basil. Plus, they’ll get 6 paints, 2 brushes, a palette and 15 fun nature-themed stickers to decorate their pots. Detailed instructions and an illustrated Learning Guide make this kit easy to use and fun for kids. Get ready to watch plants grow, get creative and learn about nature in the process!


national geographic science toys stem kits for kids

Bring the whole family together for a fun, screen-free activity with the Flower & Herb Garden Kit. Buy it now!


national geographic science toys stem kits for kids
national geographic science toys stem kits for kids
national geographic science toys stem kits for kids
national geographic science toys stem kits for kids

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Choking Hazard – Small Parts

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5.75 x 4.49 x 6.02 inches

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1.17 pounds

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10 reviews for Flower and Herb Gardening Set for Kids – with 3 Metal Pots, Paint and Stickers

  1. Giovanna

    Great activity for kidsThis is a great product for kids learning about plants! They loved painting their flower pots any way they wanted, and the directions were easy to read/follow!

  2. Amazon Customer

    So fun!My daughter and I had so much fun doing this together! She is loving watching the progress of the plants!

  3. Lts819

    Great gift and so prettyWe bought this for a five year olds birthday present. It is both fun and educational and gives the best of both worlds. I would definitely buy this again.

  4. Sarosa

    Great idea, though tins unpaintedWe got these for the grandchildren. Actually, it was going to be for one granddaughter, but when we got it, we decided that the other two would be sad not to participate, so it has become a project for Grandpa to do with all three. We didn’t have time for the last visit, and I want to get this reviewed, so will just comment on presentation. I think it’s a fantastic idea … something device free! When it arrived, I thought at first it was too small, but opening it up, we saw that it was just really compactly put together, which is great.My only issue with it is that the planters were unpainted. I realize after going through all the pictures that they are not, but I still took a point off because realistically, I cannot imagine that there is nearly enough paint to do all three pots. Even if so, how will a child really be able to do a smooth job? I will come back after we do the project to comment on this.

  5. Taliswoman

    good to introduce kids to gardeningThis is good to introduce little kids to gardening, without too big of an impact. Nice variety of plants, and they can personalize the pots and the signs.

  6. gracie

    Fun afternoon activityThis set is a fun activity to do with younger kids. The metal containers can be painted and stickered before adding the dirt and seeds. I wish the containers themselves were solidly colored and the painting would be to just add designs because there’s not all that much paint included. I think the best part is the step by step clear, full-color instructions.

  7. Cassie

    Loved theseMy kids and I painted the planters and planted the seeds. It was a fun project to do together, and all of our seeds are growing! What a cute idea.

  8. Leah

    Fun gardening kit!There are 3 tin planters to paint. both my daughters and I painted one. They are 3 and 1. They had a lot of fun, and they turned out so cute! The Cosmos sprouted so quickly, within a day or 2. The instructions say once they sprout to only water once a week or just keep the top moist, but these flowers LOVE water. They were dying, and I basically had to keep drowning them in water to revive them. They came back to life after that and are growing great. They just love water. The basil sprouted next a few days later. The Nasturtium took the longest to sprout, but they are doing great. Everything is healthy, and my kids are so happy watching them grow. I am so very pleased with this kit! Worth the money.

  9. Robin Young

    Love National GeographicWe have loved all things National Geographic for kids and this is no exception. This is a fun and educational project to get excited about warmer weather. I enjoyed this just as much as the kids did. I think this is a good deal for the price also. Very happy with this and definitely recommend!

  10. J. R. Reeser

    Making gardening fun for kids!This little kit has everything you need to help start a good gardening habit for your kids and family. Being able to decorate the pots makes this fun to personalize everyone’s plant and helps my kids feel more responsible for their own plant. We are excited to use the herbs!

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