party favors

Make every special occasion a success with Fidget Toys Party Favors for Kids! With sensory toys, fidget packs, and anti-stress stocking stuffers, you’ll have kids of all ages entertained and engaged.
Perfect for Easter baskets, birthday party favors, or just simple classroom prizes, these fidget toys and toddler toys are sure to make kids smile!
Research has shown that using fidget party favors can improve mood, reduce stress, and alleviate boredom. They can also be used to help those with autism and other sensory processing issues.
It is important to note that this is not a replacement for any other treatments or therapies, but a form of complementary therapy. These toys are great for all ages, providing an opportunity to reduce stress, increase concentration and reduce boredom with so many shapes and sizes.

party favors

What’s in a box?

This party assortment toys includes 52 kinds of funny fidget toys, such as 5 Animal pop fidget keychains (lions, dinosaurs, foxes, horses, and snails), 14 mini pop fidget keychains (square, vertical and animals), 2 pop bracelet keychains, 30 spiders, 4 wall climbing spiderman, 2 cameras, 5 tumblers, 4 smiley faces, 1 magic stress cube, 2 lollipop whistles, 6 squishies, 8 colored balls, 2 wacky tracks, 1 rebounding kart, 2 tubes, 20 jumping frogs, 4 rainbow circles, 1 assembled ball, 70 paperclips, 4 touching hands, 3 assembled dinosaurs, 8 dinosaurs, 2 glasses, 40 monkey building blocks, 1 football, 5 blowing dragons, 5 slap bracelets, 5 coke pens, 3 three-finger gyroscopes, 2 hand football rackets, 5 rings, 5 jewel rings, 2 marble and mesh, 2 gold rings and silver rings.


party favors

fidget toys


party favors

Wide Range of Applications

  • Party Favors

A wide range of play toys suitable for boys, girls and teens make ideal gifts for any kind of party – be it a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

  • Share Toys with Friends

Your child and their friends can discover an unlimited world of joy with over 456 small toys!

  • Unique Classroom Rewards & Treasure Box Toys

These toys can be used as rewards and treasures in the classroom, bringing joy and fun to children in activities. They are sure to be a hit with the kids.

  • Pressure relieving toys

This toy is designed to help everyone – kids and adults alike – relieve stress and anxiety. It’s a great way to keep the brain engaged and hands occupied, while still being fun.

  • Family Fun Time

Small toys can help to foster children’s imagination, learning ability, and the relationship between you and them. Children will love these toys!

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 1 inches

Item Weight

2.68 pounds


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10 reviews for 456 Pieces (52 Types) Fidget Toys Party Pack Goodie Bag Stuffers for Kids

  1. Vic Ben

    They pop, but they don’t have the rainbow colorsFor the kids having the rainbow colors it’s important, however at least these show the right color in the pic, so you know what you are getting. ????????

  2. Rishika

    Good qualityGood product. Kids enjoy it.

  3. KC Ela

    Check the stickersThe product was mostly fine. There were a few bigger toys and several small. One was a box of colored paper clips. Another was a set of stickers with an urban animal theme. If you are using these as party favors, make sure to check for content if you are concerned about images of smoking etc. for young children.

  4. Michelle Antonio

    CuteThe media could not be loaded.

     I love it so I can use it at school

  5. river ♡♡♡

    among us pop it felt weirdthe amongus pop it was really weird feeling on the bad side, and it was really quiet, and super thin. the other pop its were good though.

  6. Brenda m.

    Stickers not for kids!I recently bought this toys for my daughter’s birthday party. I liked the toys but it came with stickers that are not for Kids. Panda smoking?? The other had Weed written on?? I’m really disappointed!

  7. Nikki

    Not even 50 big piecesThe whole thing was full of crap. I only received like 40 or maybe 40 big pieces that I can give away as a prize or something. Not happy at all.

  8. maria isabel

    Excelente producto!!Me encantaron los diseños y colores !! El tamaño es perfecto para los niños!!

  9. Sherryl

    SafetyMy son loves it

  10. Adrianagraffe

    My kids loves itThey play all they, very nice toy, relaxing

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