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Fidget poppers have become a popular tool for enhancing focus and concentration in recent times. They can be a great addition to parties, helping to keep guests engaged and attentive. For instance, fidget poppers can be used as a fun game where guests take turns to see who can pop the bubbles in the quickest time. This can be an exciting competition that keeps everyone focused on the task at hand. Additionally, fidget poppers can be used as a stress-relieving tool, which can be particularly useful during parties where guests may feel overwhelmed or anxious. By providing fidget poppers, hosts can help guests to manage their stress levels and stay focused on the party atmosphere.


Kids playing with Butterfly Dimple, wacky track, snake cube, marble and mesh, and monkey noodles

Dinosaur, Unicorn, and Ice Cream Poppit

Push Poppers

Fidget poppers are a great stress-relieving tool that can be used in party settings to help guests unwind and relax.

Infinity cube makes many different shapes

Infinity Cube

The science behind hand-eye coordination is that our eyes send visual information to the brain, which then processes the information and sends signals to our hands to perform the required action.

Colorful DNA Stress ball feels satisfying to squish and squeeze

Colorful Stress Ball

The texture is smooth and squishy, making it a great sensory toy for those who fidget or need to relieve stress.

Pop tubes in different fun shapes

Pop Tubes

Fidget pop tubes can be suitable for children with autism or ADHD as they can help to calm down their minds and keep their hands busy.

Fidget Toys Pack with 50 Pieces!

Pop Tubes Marble and Mesh Pop It Infinity Cube Fidget Spinner

An Insane Value for the Fidget Obsessed!

The poppers are perfect for stress relief and can be used as a sensory toy to help cultivate logical thinking and train sensory abilities. They make a popping sound when squeezed, providing a fun and satisfying tactile experience. The keyhole and chain on each ball allow them to be used as keychains or hanging decorations.

Fun strategy popper game for two players that builds social skills and critical thinking.

Fidget Poppers can be used as decorations and rewards for celebrations, parties, and kids. Here are some ways to use them:

  • Use them as party favors or prizes for carnival games, treasure box toys for classrooms, or pinata fillers.
  • Include them in goodie bags or as stocking stuffers during Christmas giveaways.
  • Use them as rewards for kids’ birthday parties or school classroom rewards.
  • Use them as miniature novelty toys during Halloween party giveaways.
  • These sensory fidget toys are not only effective for stress relief, but also make for interesting desktop toys and can create a fun atmosphere at parties.

Overall, Fidget Poppers are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings to add some fun and stress relief for both kids and adults.

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10 reviews for 50 Pieces Fidget Toys Party Pack Goodie Bag Stuffers for Kids

  1. tjam

    Nice cheap toysWe needed some toys for Easter eggs and these were perfect. I’m sure none will last too long, but they keep my 2.5 year old and some of his cousins that are 4 entertained!

  2. Jamey Summers

    Perfect variety!I love how there are so many to choose from, and things this pack includes! Amazing for kids. Also good for public settings if you use the small ones. I definitely recommend these for anyone.

  3. Mary E.

    Fun TrinketsMy granddaughter wanted these for her birthday, she showed me where to find them on Diversitoy. She is only 7 and knows how to shop on Diversitoy. She loved these and plays with them all the time. They are colorful and made well.

  4. BeckySuesPlace

    Good stuff cheapI found the quality and quantity to be exactly what I was looking for and a good variety. Most things there are three or four of the same type, a few things were one of a kind special thing. There’s a mixture of squishy, clicky, a few metal items lots silicone and hard plastic.

  5. waked777

    Order errorThe product was fine but ordered incorrectly but was consequently used for a garden hunt for the children.

  6. Malissa

    These were a hit!I bought these for my kids (ages 12-15) for their Easter baskets and we all had fun playing with them! Good quality and great variety! I was very pleasantly surprised.

  7. Rayetta

    Sensory itemsGreat selection. Students are really enjoying them.

  8. Livonia Freed

    Great Value pack!!My 8yr old Daughter was so happy to receive all these fidget toys. So many and good variety, she was able to gift the “boy ones” out to others

  9. Amazon Customer

    Excellent Choice for PrizesThe students loved them.

  10. Janet

    Janet JeffcoatLoves it

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