DIY Your Own Calendar with Our Mochi Squishy Toys

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Counting down the days until Christmas is half the fun of the holiday.

Instead of purchasing the same old, store-bought advent calendars, why not DIY your own and surprise your children? It may take one afternoon of crafting, but it will be a wonderful memory of family fun for years to come.

There are plenty of tutorials online and you can even use children’s crafts, empty boxes, or toilet paper rolls to make your own. For the gifts within the boxes, why not choose this year’s popular Kawaii squishies? These adorable and vivid little items are loved by kids of all ages, from 3-6 years to teens and college students, coworkers, and friends. They are always the perfect party favor.

Why choose us?

With our wide selection of individual packs, you can fill up 24 boxes or bags with different animal squishies each day for your kids. They also fit perfectly in regular-sized plastic Easter eggs. Plus, each pack comes with a bucket for convenient storage afterward.

anti-stress squishy toys      wash squishies with warm water

Here are some tips to help you keep your TP-Rubber squishies last longer:
– Keep your hands dry and clean when playing with it.
– If it gets dirty, wash it with soap and warm water.
– To prevent stickiness, apply baby powder.
– Feel free to poke and squeeze, but don’t stretch it too far.

Party Favors Mochi Squishy Toy Features

This conveniently comes with a bucket for storage, making these cute animal squishies even more fun!

Colors: multi-color

  • Make this Christmas extra special with a DIY Advent Calendar – perfect for stuffing stockings for the kids!
  • The perfect size for stuffing Easter egg goodies!
  • As a reward for participating in the activity, a selection of classroom prizes.
  • Decorating your desk with lovely items and anti-stress toys can bring joy and provide stress relief.

mochie squishy moshies squishy

stress relief toys anti stress

Christmas gift for teen girls


Perfect for storytelling and sensory play, these kawaii critters are a great choice for children of all abilities, including those on the autism spectrum.


Calming toys are perfect for relieving stress and can be shared with coworkers – just give them a poke or a squeeze!


Wonderful gifts for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter- perfect for filling Easter baskets!

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10 reviews for Bucket of 24 Pieces Mochi Squishy Toys

  1. Michelle pickwoad

    We threw it on the cellingthey are adorable and they stick very well on classroom ceilings so far its been there for 15 days and still standing strong! everyone should get some of these

  2. lisa love

    Diversitoy driver was not allowing me to get shipping details.This product was my grand babies everything but the driver had issues with his gps. He would have had me waiting 2 days for the shipment. I really do like this product. Will be getting more.

  3. Mariely m.

    HermosoA mi sobrina le encanto este regalo

  4. MN

    CuteThese are for my Easter baskets. I think the kids will like them. I just wish they were larger.

  5. James Pry

    Super cuteMy 3 year old loves them .

  6. Thechufam

    Potty training prizes!These are perfect potty training prizes!! One down side is they attract any kind of fuzz or hair so beware if you have pets. Good news is they wash well.

  7. T.B.

    Great Easter egg stuffers!When you don’t want to pile a bunch of candy into eggs because your granddaughters will be wired for sound after eating all of that! ???? I will stuff half of the Easter eggs with candy and the other half with these little squishy mushy cutie pies.

  8. Jakub David Arcelles Vera


  9. Ashley Pittam

    Good for party bagsPerfect! Kids loved these in their thank you goody bags

  10. Jen k.

    Easy to cleanEasy to clean and they don’t feel gross after cleaning.

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