Author: Melanie Maxwell

Fidget Toys: How To Stop Your Child's Fidgeting & Anxiety

Fidget Toys: How To Help With Your Child’s Fidgeting and Anxiety

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How To Help With Your Child’s Anxiety Using Fidget Toys The fidget spinner craze a few years ago caused quite a stir. Some people loved them, and some hated them, but there was one thing everyone could agree on- they were distracting. Many teachers complained that students were spinning their spinners in class instead of… continue reading

Educational Toys Kids Would Love To Play With as Much as They Love Their Tablets

Educational Toys Kids Love To Play With As Much As Their Tablets

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The Importance of Educational Toys Educational toys are becoming more and more popular with kids. Children these days are growing up in a digital world, where tablets and other gadgets have become the norm. The marketplace is flooded with educational toys to help children learn important skills through playtime. The most common educational toys include… continue reading