Author: Mason Fairbank

realistic toy trucks

The Best Realistic Toy Trucks for Kids: Bruder, Toys and Games

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What are Realistic Toy Trucks? Realistic toy trucks are miniature but detailed replicas of actual trucks that your child can play with, just as though they’re operating the full-sized versions. Manufactured and modeled with precision, Bruder toy trucks are one striking example of these playful, lifelike machines. These German-made toy vehicles, created from sturdy ABS… continue reading

Medicom Bearbrick

Top Most Expensive Medicom Bearbrick Toy Figures

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The Most Expensive Medicom Bearbrick Toy Figures We looked at the most expensive Medicom Bearbrick toy figures available on the market right now. Then, we looked at sales records from September and October of 2021 and found some pretty interesting results. The most expensive Bearbrick figure currently available is worth a couple of thousand dollars…. continue reading

Pokémon Card Collection: What are the rarest Pokémon cards, and what are their value?

The Rarest And Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever Sold

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Introduction to Pokémon Cards Are you ready to dive into the world of Pokémon trading cards? Brace yourself for a journey into the past that has made some collectors a fortune today! Pokémon cards are collectible items, first released in the 90s alongside the popular Pokémon video games. These are more than mere pieces of… continue reading