My First Science Kit for Kids: What’s in the Box and How to Make It

The Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit is an exciting and educational make-it-yourself kit that includes eight fun and safe activities for kids aged 4 and up. With this kit, children can mix up magic ooze, grow and shrink colorful crystals, capture a rainbow in a test tube, and explore the science of color. The kit comes with everything a child needs to create their own color-mixing laboratory and discover what it’s like to learn, think, and act like a scientist. The kit includes cross-linked polyacrylamide, three color tablets, three mixing cups, three test tubes with caps, a pipette, a color mixing tray, a magnifier, a test tube stand, and an 11-page activity guide.

To make a simple science experiment using the materials provided in the kit, kids can follow these steps:

  1. Fill one of the mixing cups with water and add a color tablet to create a colored solution.
  2. Add a small amount of cross-linked polyacrylamide to the colored solution and stir.
  3. Watch as the polyacrylamide absorbs the water and grows into a squishy, jelly-like substance.
  4. Use the pipette to add drops of water to the polyacrylamide and watch as it shrinks back down.

Overall, the Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit is a great way for kids to have fun while learning about science. It’s perfect for family fun, birthday parties, or early learning that provides a foundation for a lifetime of exploration. With this kit, children can amaze themselves, friends, and family as they explore the science behind these truly remarkable reactions.

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12.6 x 9.45 x 1.97 inches

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1.76 pounds

10 reviews for My First Science Kit for Kids

  1. Jaclyn KSG

    4 year old loves this!Great intro to science experiments kit. My 4 year old loves this and we get a kick out of her wearing her scientist goggles everywhere. The experiments are easy but engaging and can be repeated with items you can obtain to refill the kit as needed. We liked it so much that my in laws bought it as well for days they watch our daughter.

  2. Deb-J

    Addictingly fun!This was a great purchase! I bought this for my 4 y/o grandson and we had a blast doing the experiments. The steps are easy to follow with pictures so he could figure most out himself. After a few color blending experiments, he started creating his own. I love that it led him to start thinking about the how and why things work.One warning, don’t buy it if you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing the experiments. It’s addicting and so much fun they will stay engaged for hours.

  3. stargazer

    Great funI bought this kit to do experiments with my 8 year old granddaughter. The instructions were clear. The experiments weren’t complicated. It’s a great activity to do together. We had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this kit.

  4. Shirley Myers

    Thrilled a bright four year oldThis kit enthralled a curious, bright four year old boy for hours. He needed some help to set things up, but it’s not overly complicated at all. He and his mom enjoyed every minute. It was a real hit.

  5. Eliran Azouri

    Great buy!My kid loved it, he is 4 and it is perfect for him. When his done with it I will order another box for him.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Science projectIt is fun, he enjoy it.

  7. Albert R Hydeman

    A big hot?My granddaughter loved it!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Kid tested mom approvedKid tested mom approved! I love this kit. It’s organized nicely, comes with a tray to contain messes. My 4 yo loves doing the experiments and needs little help from me. Each experiment has a link to a video on how to do it as well as instructions on a card.The reason for 4 vs 5 stars is because: 1) Most experiments need a few products from home such as milk or oil. 2) It doesn’t contain goggles like other kits price the same. 3) The color bottles are VERY hard to squeeze (even for me).

  9. Lina Yako

    Best thing i got for my kidReally nice and safe for kids, my kid spends so much time mixing the ingredients (all natural and safe) and playing with it. I absolutely love it.

  10. Shannon

    Missing pieces but still worked.I bought this for our homeschool science class. It was going great until it was time to build the windmill and helicopter. I was missing the motor pieces to power them. So we didn’t get to do any of those but the lights and doorbell ones worked so that was a plus.

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