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We’re all about sustainability and fun! It’s a big part of who we are and we’re always looking for ways to inspire others to join us in this mission. We care deeply about the toys your kids play with and the impact they have on the environment. That’s why we’re constantly exploring and coming up with new ideas to create the best possible products for your family. We hope you’ll join us on this journey to a more sustainable future filled with imagination and creativity!

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12 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches

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1.63 pounds

10 reviews for Green Toys Tea Set

  1. Araksi Swensen

    Super cute & Sturdy!!Oh. My. Goodness. This tea set has been an absolute game-changer for us. Let me tell you, as a millennial mom, I’ve seen my fair share of cheap, flimsy plastic toys that make me want to cry into my cold brew. But this tea set? It’s the real deal, my friends. The plastic is so sturdy, I swear it could survive a nuclear apocalypse.And don’t even get me started on how helpful it’s been for my little one’s development. We’ve used it to work on all sorts of motor skills – pouring, stopping pours (hello, no more spills!), drinking, and even mixing. It’s basically like a mini barista bootcamp for toddlers.Honestly, if you’re in the market for a top-notch tea set that won’t fall apart after one use, this is the one. 10/10, would recommend to all my fellow mom friends out there.

  2. Justinmud

    Great quality!Perfect for our tea party birthday party! Loved the quality and durability! They don’t break or crack and are easy to use!

  3. Abby

    Very cute, 3yo loves her tea party setMy daughter loves her tea party set she got for Christmas. It is cute and feels durable, we don’t mind putting water or juice in it for a “real” tea party and so she can practice pouring. I only have two suggestions that could be improved for which I docked a star:1. As others have mentioned, the sugar bowl has a hole in it, so you can’t use it for actual sugar (or whatever) unless it is cubes. Nothing else has holes in it so I don’t know why they did that to the bowl.2. The cream dispenser is the same color as the teacups so is easy for a little one to get them confused. Super minor but if anyone reads these reviews I think it would be nice if the cream dispenser was a different color, like purple to match the sugar bowl, to distinguish it from the teacups.

  4. erica

    Wonderful set!I purchased this for my almost 2 year old and she LOVES it. Its perfect for motor skills and I love that it’s washable (and dish washer safe) so we can actually use the set! I just put water in the pot and we pretend it’s tea. She loves pouring it into her cup and drinking out of it. The packaging came great. I’ve recommended it to several moms for their kids. It’s also nice practice for helping set up her table. As others mentioned, yes the sugar cup does have holes weirdly enough, but we don’t use it so I don’t mind it. When and if we do, I plan on just putting tiny marshmallows or sugar cubes instead.

  5. Pam S

    Great birthday giftMy granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed this tea set

  6. Bridgid

    Love it!The pieces have a very nice weight and texture for a plastic tea set. My niece loves it!

  7. Destiny Viars

    10/10 would recommendThese are sturdy and thick plastic, made from recycled milk jugs, great quality. 10/10 would recommend.

  8. tahum

    Very good tea set!I love Green Toys brand and have a few of them. They are very durable and can withstand a toddler’s temperament. This has gotten a lot of plays and overall happy with the product. I do wish the sugar container doesn’t have holes on them.

  9. Mich

    Perfect Toys!I actually bought this one on sale just to go in the living room toybox for when company comes over with little ones. These Green Toys are absolutely the best, hands down! What’s not to love? The minute you recieve one you realize the substantial and durable quality of them. They are easy to clean and I literally can not fathom any saftey hazards whatsoever with these toys (other than if the are used as a projectile, but that is the case with most toys that are not fabric, so obviously if there is a baby in the bunch with some older toddlers or so, you should still have your eyes on the kids). I love that they are all dishwasher safe for sterilizing. We have decided to keep all the Green Toys in a toy box in our main livingroom for 2 reasons. When we have company with children or playmates visiting, they can all just dive into these toys and we don’t have the aggravation of my grandson’s other toys being dragged out with multiple pieces, and those are not all small child safe, and we can not just throw them in the dishwasher afterwards as we can these. These are literally worry free toys when children are visiting (other than the aforementioned throwing, or maybe banging over the head, so yes you still must parent as we should be anyway). Second, after dinner, when there is just a small window of time for bath and playtime before bed, these are hassle free and the only toys we let him drag out because they are simple and easy pickup. BONUS, they are MADE IN THE USA, and of completely recycled materials. I have not seen that many quality toys like these other than ones made in the 1940’s or so, where good craftsmanship (as these are) mattered, even in a toy. We have at least 2 dozen of these toys and they have become an awesome gift item especially when they go on sale, which is often. They are literally the PERFECT toys!

  10. Alysen R.

    Perfect giftThese are awesome they can be indoor or outdoor toy. Not only are made out recycled plastic, all the packaging is recyclable. No zip ties holding it all in.

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